5 High-Paying Entry-Level Remote Jobs and How to Apply

Experience with graphic design software, such as Photoshop or InDesign, is usually required. Data entry professionals enter data into a computer system or some type of secure file system and may perform other types of clerical activities. Data entry clerks generally must be able to read and have a fast typing speed. Data entry jobs are very remote-friendly, as they can often be done from a home computer. Cloud application design, management and monitoring, and adoption plans are all part of this high-paying work-from-home job. Cloud architects need knowledge of operating systems, networking, programming languages, and cloud security.

Job descriptions may state that candidates must have a certain degree, which can be frustrating for job seekers who know they have the skills and experience to do the job. IT project coordinators monitor project progress, provide IT support, and collaborate with technology teams. They also help roll out new products and features and keep track of bugs. A technology project coordinator needs to have some technical background to help them understand how new products and features fit in with existing technology. Cognitive, behavioral, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral are a few common therapy styles used. A search engine evaluator gets paid to analyze the results on search engines like Google or Naver.

Social Media Jobs

This job is an excellent fit for individuals who enjoy engaging with people and can handle situations where customers may be upset or rude. To qualify for this role, you must complete a medical coding certificate programme and demonstrate your understanding of fundamental industry codes. While coders can work for almost any industry, a coding specialist caters to just healthcare institutions, i.e. hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies. Learners are advised to conduct additional research to ensure that courses and other credentials pursued meet their personal, professional, and financial goals.

remote jobs that pay well without a degree

In this article, we’ll go over five entry-level jobs that offer remote positions paying higher than the median annual salary in the United States. We’ll also discuss how to find remote jobs and tips for applying when you don’t have any experience. Many data entry jobs only require a high school diploma and offer on-the-job training. In addition to remote and freelance transcription jobs, https://remotemode.net/ opportunities for data entry jobs without a degree can include account assistant jobs and typing jobs. Networking, building a strong online presence, and highlighting your achievements can significantly enhance your chances of landing a high-paying remote job with no degree. Remote work has always been popular for its flexibility, and lucrative remote jobs are becoming more common.

Data analyst

You may click on this link for a search of all work-from-home jobs available on the AARP Job Board. Average pay is taken from data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other industry sources. Sales representatives often earn high commissions on top of a base salary, making your income directly tied to your performance. Medical sales jobs, for example, offer a median annual salary of $76,921.

  • Your job is to provide support and ensure a positive customer experience.
  • If you can tell a story and capture hearts and minds, then becoming a writer or copywriter might just be one of the best remote jobs without a degree for you.
  • A technology project coordinator needs to have some technical background to help them understand how new products and features fit in with existing technology.
  • For instance, copywriters may draft copy for social media, websites or microsites, product brochures, product fact sheets, and other sales and marketing materials.

If you’re ready to launch your search for a high-paying remote job, we’re here to help! Project coordinators handle the concrete aspects of a project to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently. Although some positions require employees to be onsite, many project coordinator and manager positions can be done remotely over the internet. Learn about some of the highest-paid, entry-level remote jobs and what you can do to apply with little or no experience. Dive into dynamic customer service roles, where your gift of connection and empathy is your ticket to high-paying jobs without a degree.

High-Paying Remote Jobs Without a College Degree

Tasks can include performing audits to ensure privacy compliance, conducting risk assessments and reduction strategies, and handling breaches and privacy issues. A degree in a technical field is often required for this high-paying remote job. Most of these top-paying remote jobs require either iOS or Android expertise, along with an understanding of Mac or PC operating systems.

Your career path isn’t set in stone, and there are industries ripe with opportunities that value skill and aptitude over formal degrees and lengthy resumes. So, let’s dive into five professions offering jobs that remote jobs that pay well without a degree pay well without a degree or experience. If you love social media and engaging with each platform’s community, becoming a social media manager is one of the best remote jobs without a degree that you can secure.

Where to find entry-level remote job opportunities

They coordinate such projects from development through implementation, working with internal and external clients, vendors, consultants, and computer specialists. Product managers handle the process of developing products and solutions. Setting strategy, creating road maps, and defining product features are all a part of the job. Product managers may also analyze market conditions and communicate with people at all levels of an organization. Medical writers take technical and scientific data from studies and research to write papers, articles, and documents that present information more clearly. Knowledge of medical terms and processes is required, and certification with the American Medical Writers Association can be a bonus.

  • They also spend time connecting with existing customers to ensure their satisfaction and to introduce them to additional products and services of interest.
  • Today’s remote job market has evolved to include many in-demand roles that don’t require a four-year degree.
  • For example, online courses or a coding bootcamp can quickly train you in all the technologies you need for a developer or data analyst job.
  • Opportunities for operations jobs without a degree can include operations assistant jobs and planner jobs.
  • You can land a tech sales rep remote job with no experience if you have a knack for building relationships quickly and are willing to learn on the job.

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